Photo courtesy of Millennium Promise

Photo courtesy of Millennium Promise

The fourth goal of this program focuses on providing peer support activities for girls and young women involved in our program. The young women who are no longer in school are often socially alienated, thereby limiting their peer support as well as decreasing their self-esteem and emotional health. 


Our objective is to create, through the bakery, an environment to foster self-improvement and strong peer relationships among the young women through monthly trainings and workshops on a variety of topics such as:

  • business and financial management
  • leadership skills
  • effective communication
  • mental health promotion
  • financial and emotional empowerment skills
  • trauma healing

These young women are in turn be partnered with the younger girls and adolescents managing the chicken coops to facilitate mentorship and practical leadership skills. They all come together for workshops on a variety of business management and leadership topics once every school term.